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Four Christmas donations for a good cause

In 2022, we also decided to make a contribution to our society instead of giving gifts. As we supported our environment and climate in 2021 with a tree sponsorship, the focus in 2022 was on people and animals. Our Christmas donations therefore went to the following organizations:

1. table Germany

With its daily work, Tafel Deutschland links two important issues: Poverty and food waste. The common approach to solving the problem: They save edible food and ensure that fruit, bread, dairy products and the like do not end up in the trash unnecessarily. They distribute the food to people affected by poverty, who often have too little money for a balanced diet.

2. child protection agency

Standing up for the rights of all children and young people in Germany is the top priority of the Kinderschutzbund. It intervenes on behalf of children and young people - in federal and state legislation, in planning and decisions in our cities and communities. It demands an improvement in the material living conditions of children and families, a child-friendly and healthy environment and good facilities for children and young people.

3. animal shelter Rostock-Schlage

Since its inception, the animal shelter in Schlage has cared for well over 10,000 animals. Over 10,000 fates of creatures that often only survive because people unselfishly care for them. The Schlage shelter is first and foremost a place of refuge for abandoned and abused animals, and then a home for animals in need. On average, the shelter houses 230 animals, including about 50 dogs, 90 cats and numerous small animals.

4. animal shelter Neumarkt i.d.Opf.

The animal shelter Neumarkt is not a state or municipal institution. The entire board works on a voluntary basis, without any payment. For the maintenance of the shelter and for the care of several hundred animals per year, high costs are incurred, e.g. for the veterinary care of the animals, some of which are handed over with terrible injuries, for castrations, vaccinations, etc., for staff, heating, food and much more.

We are pleased to support these four organizations financially with our donation.

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