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NX® CAD management of large assemblies

NX® CAD management of large assemblies

Dealing with "large" assemblies presents many companies with major challenges. Products are becoming more and more extensive and complex. In this training, you will learn how to apply component and assembly simplification methods systematically and effectively.

Course: NX® CAD management of assemblies (for performance improvement)
Duration: 2 days
Prerequisites: NX® CAD application experience
Notice: Contents are always coordinated with the trainer in advance.

Excerpt from the contents:

  • Default settings and user standards
  • Charging options
  • Options for the representation of assembly components
  • Creation of a product outline
  • Simplification of assemblies
  • Connected Exterior Application
  • Wind up assembly
  • Save real shape data
  • Component group creation
  • Bookmark
  • Representations of views in drawing creation

If you have any questions about training, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Jörg Sembach.

Jörg Sembach

Manager CAD/CAM

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