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NX® CAM 5-Axis Simultaneous

NX® CAM 5-Axis Simultaneous

In this training, the functionalities in the area of 5-axis milling are taught. In particular, 5-axis simultaneous machining is discussed with the different axis positions and milling strategies. Different application problems in relation to different machine types and controls are dealt with.

Course: NX® CAM 5-axis simultaneous machining
Duration:  2 days
Prerequisites: NX CAM application experience
Notice: Contents are coordinated with the trainer in advance. We recommend at least one additional day of on-site support after the training for consolidation in practice.

Excerpt from the contents:

  • 5-axis roughing
  • Multi-axis roughing
  • Mold channel roughing
  • 5-axis finishing
  • 5-axis guide curves
  • Contour profile
  • Shape channel finishing
  • General movement
  • Variable contour
  • Isoparametric milling
  • Z-plane 5-axis milling machining
  • Tool axis and projection direction
  • Postprocessing
  • CSE Machine Simulation

If you have any questions about training, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Jörg Sembach.

Jörg Sembach

Manager CAD/CAM

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