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Teamcenter® BOM Management

Teamcenter® BOM Management

This training includes the essential basics in dealing with BOMs/product structures and their different types of expression and use. You will learn how to create & change product structures, navigate in the structures and create references to models, drawings, documents and change objects. The functionalities of the "Structure Manager" as well as the "Multi-BOM Manager" will be covered. Special functions such as BOM comparison, Accountability Check and CAD Part Alignment are also part of this training.

Course: Teamcenter® BOM Management
Duration: 2-3 days
Prerequisites: Knowledge in the use of Teamcenter®
Notice: Contents are coordinated with the trainer in advance.

Excerpt from the contents:

  • Understanding of the different types of BOMs in Teamcenter®: CAD BOM (dBOM), itemized bill of material (eBOM) and manufacturing bill of material (mBOM).
  • Explanation of the underlying data model, including BOMViewRevision, BOMLine
  • Rules for dealing with imprecise and precise product structures (BOMs)
  • Basic functions in the Structure Manager: packing, sorting, expanding, column configuration, alternative positions, substitutions, cloning, etc.
  • Introduction to working with Multi-BOM Manager / Multi-Structure Manager for managing multiple structures.
  • Visualization of bill of material geometry in various applications
  • BOM comparison and accountability check
  • CAD Part Alignment: Basic Understanding and Practical Application
  • Possible functions of a CAD integration regarding the use of assemblies
  • Interaction between change management and BOM management
  • Creation of parts list reports and exports, e.g. to Excel 

If you have any questions about training, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Jörg Sembach.

Jörg Sembach

Manager CAD/CAM

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